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    Upcoming Week of Guided Prayer:

    1. Catholic Spirituality Centre [For PER #27 Participants] (1 - 8 Jun 2019)

    2. Church of St. Ignatius (6 - 13 Jul 2019)

    3. Church of St. Vincent de Paul (21 - 28 Jul 2019)


    A Retreat In Your Daily Life

    The Week of Guided Prayer (WoGP) is an easy, mini retreat amidst your daily routine, without using your vacation time! Lasting a week, it begins on a Sunday afternoon (Taster session) when you, the pilgrim, will learn two prayer methods:

    1. Lectio Divina
    2. Ignatian Contemplation

    You will be assigned a prayer guide who will journey with you throughout the Week and guide you on these two prayer methods.

    You will be taught to pray the Scriptures on your own for half an hour daily. Your prayer guide will meet you one-on-one for half an hour every day of that Week (Monday to Friday) in the Church to talk about your prayer experience based on the Scripture text that was given to you to pray the day before. The meeting time is mutually agreed upon between you and your guide. There are four time slots that you may choose from based on your convenience - morning, afternoon, early evening or late evening. All sharing with your guide will be treated in the strictest confidence.

    The WoGP closes on the following Saturday afternoon (Closure session) when we gather as a group for general sharing and fellowship.

  • Pilgrims' Testimonies

    "It was an opportunity to learn the meaning of the biblical scriptures in deep perspective that is insightful and helpful in our daily spiritual life.... Highly recommended for those who seek to find proper techniques in understanding the Word of God better." (Eugene L.)

    "The tangible feel of the scriptures is very refreshing and I believe my relationship with Jesus will deepen through the continuous use of this meditation method." (T. Wee)

    "My pray time was greatly enriched and I could finally 'hear' what Jesus was trying to tell me, to feel his love for me." (May Q.)

    "Throughout the week He taught me to rest and trust in Him. The guided prayers brought me a whole lot closer to Him." (J. Teo)

    "It made me more aware of God's presence and Him speaking to me. More importantly, it stressed to me to be more open to listening to Him." (Audrey K.)

    "(The Week of Guided Prayer) has helped me understand and experience God more personally." (Michelle L.)

    "... to pay attention to my feelings and thoughts when entering into a colloquy with My Lord made the experience real and current to my life. Jesus could meet me where I was." (J Ho.)